How to Adopt from C.A.R.E.

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C.A.R.E. is currently a foster based organization while we wait for the opening of our new facility in Skokie. All of our dogs and cats are in loving foster homes while they await adoption. Adopters meet the pets in foster homes or at one of our adoption events. If you see a cat or dog on our website that you are interested in, please fill out our cat survey or dog survey and a C.A.R.E. adoption counselor will contact you to answer any of your questions.

C.A.R.E. adoption counselors use information and insights from foster homes to help individuals and families make their perfect match. If the right pet isn’t available from C.A.R.E., adoption counselors provide referrals and resource materials to help potential adopters in their search.

While in foster care, dogs and puppies learn basic obedience and C.A.R.E. provides dog adopters with resources to continue training their pet. When needed, C.A.R.E. provides one-on-one training sessions to help new owners address more challenging issues.

Cats and kittens are lovingly socialized in foster homes. C.A.R.E. volunteers help adopters teach their cats to use scratching posts and show them how to trim a cat’s nails. Complimentary nail trimming appointments can also be scheduled.

All C.A.R.E. pets are spayed or neutered and have been microchipped, vaccinated and treated for parasites.

Our adoption counselors look forward to working with you to help you find the right pet for your home.

To start the process of meeting our adoptable pets, please fill out an online survey.

One of our adoption counselors will contact you and talk with you to get a sense of the kind of pet you are looking for and what good candidates we have available. Adopters will meet the pets in foster homes, at our Cat Center or at one of our adoption events. To ensure a good match, it typically takes at least several days to process an adoption and you might meet several animals.

Adopters must:

  1. Be 21 years or older
  2. Have valid ID with current address or ID & proof of current address
  3. Live in the Chicagoland area
  4. Participate in the adoption counseling process

Adoption Fees

  • Dogs: $250
  • Puppies (6 months and under): $300
  • Cats and kittens: $150
  • Two cats or kittens (bonded pair price): $200
  • Senior pets: $75 (dogs 7 and older, cats 10 and older)

An additional $50 deposit for unneutered or unspayed animal is collected until proof of alteration can be provided.

Adoption fees can be paid with cash or check. We do not accept credit cards.

Our fees include a full medical exam by a veterinarian. This includes a Feline Leukemia and FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) test for cats, Rabies and Distemper Vaccines, deworming and Spay/Neuter. Dogs receive a Heartworm Check, Spay/Neuter, Rabies and Distemper Vaccines, Canine Flu Vaccine, deworming, and Kennel Cough preventative. Our modest adoption fees do not cover the procedures and vet work that we provide the animals. We fundraise to make up the difference. Any ongoing medical needs that C.A.R.E. is aware of are explained fully, (including daily medicine costs), to the potential adopter, and become the responsibility of the adopter.