Have you been to a C.A.R.E. Adoption Event?

Every weekend C.A.R.E. Volunteers go to local stores to show off wonderful pets for adoption.

As a foster-based rescue group, C.A.R.E. relies on adoption events to showcase our animals, educate, and reach out to the community. Our adoption events at retail partners have become an invaluable part of C.A.R.E.'s activities. The adoptable animals get exposure, and the stores provide a venue for 'meet and greet' sessions. C.A.R.E. volunteers freely give advice on pets - ask us anything, and we're glad to help problem-solve. C.A.R.E. is dedicated to responsible pet ownership: spaying/neutering; lifetime commitment to pets; regular vaccinations, etc. We sometimes find new volunteers who connect with us at these events. We can always use more animal-loving volunteers!

The stores benefit by facilitating the adoption process and bringing in customers. "Adopt, don't shop" has become the mantra of rescue groups, now that the retail sale of dogs and cats has been outlawed in the Chicago area. It's a win-win and feel-good thing for everyone - be sure to visit one of our adoption events and connect with us (see the online list). And remember to share our Facebook posts so more people see our cute critters.