Thank you to Miss Teodoro's First Grade Class at Hubbard Woods Elementary School

When it comes to supporting animal rescue, few can top the zeal of a group of first-graders in Winnetka. Over one week in April, Miss Marcie Teodoro’s class of 14 first-grade students at the Hubbard Woods Elementary School held a donation drive on behalf of C.A.R.E.

The Donation Drive was held in response to a classroom visit by C.A.R.E. volunteers Laura Andrews and Margaret Sinn-Pong to talk to the students about animal rescue.

After the visit, Miss Teodoro’s students made posters of the items on the C.A.R.E. wish list. Then they visited other classrooms at their school to help spread the word about the donation drive. There are a total of 243 students at Hubbard Woods Elementary. In all, the children gathered a total of about 1,500 items, including dog and cat toys, dog and cat food (canned), trash bags, Sharpies, pee pads, collars, etc.

Loading the donations into the pick-up truck was a saga all its own. “The students half-carried/half-dragged the boxes—two students per box--from the school storage area to my truck,” says C.A.R.E. Volunteer Coordinator Kathryn Sibley. “The truck bed was so high compared to their heights, they could barely lift the boxes into the truck! The students were terrific assistants helping load the truck.” In the end, the boxes filled the entire bed of the pick-up.

On behalf of C.A.R.E. dogs and cats, thank you, Hubbard Woods Elementary first-graders!

We are so grateful for all the donations that help us with our work.