C.A.R.E. Cat Owner's Manual

The C.A.R.E. Cat Owner's Manual is a collection of the information that we hand out to new adopters.

Included in this downloadable PDF is a number of informative articles gathered from numerous sources to help you with your new family member.

Download it here:
Cat Owner's Manual PDF

Table of Contents

  •     Adopters Resource Page – “Things Your Cat Wants You to Know"
  •     Why Kittens Should Be Adopted in Pairs
  •     Cat Proofing Your Home
  •     Kitten Proofing Your Home
  •     Allergies and Your Cat
  •          Owner Allergic Reactions
  •     Introducing Your Cat 
  •         To Your Home
  •         To Other Cats
  •         To Dogs
  •     Feeding Guidelines
  •     Food Ingredients
  •     Behavior
  •     Aggression
  •     Over-stimulation
  •     Stress
  •     Alpha Females
  •     Head-Bumps and Cheek Rubs
  •     Indoor Cats
  •     Litter and Litterbox Tips
  •          Preventing & Problem Solving
  •     Health
  •     Selecting a Vet
  •     Local Emergency Animal Centers
  •     AAFP Pre-Vet Checklist
  •     AAFP Senior Cat Checklist
  •     Toxic Substances
  •     Nails and Nail Trimming
  •     Appointments with CARE for Trimming
  •     “Think Twice Before You Declaw” by Steve Dale
  •     Postures of the Cat