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We're Manic for VeganMania!

  • Broadway Armory 5917 N Broadway St Chicago, IL, 60660 United States (map)

Saturday, October 11, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Join us for one of the most fun and enlightening events that takes place in Chicago each year. Our volunteers will have a table to promote C.A.R.E. Come see us to find out about adopting or volunteering. We won't have any of our adorable adoptables with us (no pets allowed).

Broadway Armory
5917 N Broadway
Chicago, IL

About VeganMania:

Vegan culture and community have grown rapidly in the last few years. Not long ago, most people had never heard the word vegan. Vegans – people who live compassionately by not eating or wearing animals or products that come from animals – were basically invisible. You certainly don't have to be vegan to attend or enjoy Chicago VeganMania. You don't even have to understand or care why people would adopt a vegan lifestyle. We just want you to have fun. Chicago VeganMania is basically a big friendly party, a festival where you can eat wonderful food, enjoy great music and lively entertainment, and have an opportunity to discover unique vegan products and learn the secrets of vegan chefs. There are even places where you can learn about the whys and hows of veganism is you're so inclined.