C.A.R.E. Name: Savanah


I adopted a cat from C.A.R.E. in January of this year.  Her name was Savanah at C.A.R.E., but when she became part of my family, I named her Milly.  (I just liked the sound of Miriam and Milly.) Milly is doing really well!  She was SOOO skinny when I brought her home, but now she has a little more flesh on her bones.  She loves to play with string, and is very very very affectionate.  She loves people and loves to receive head rubs.  She might be one of the most affectionate kitties I have ever encountered, and others say the same about her.  She loves to lick me and snuggle with me at night.  We are a very happy pair! 

Thank you so much for helping me find her!