C.A.R.E. Name: Dagmar


I had been seriously considering adopting a dog for months. Every few days I found myself looking through the pictures of dogs C.A.R.E. had available for adoption. Near the end of April 2014 I decided to stop looking at pictures and visit some of the dogs I had seen.

I was introduced to Dagmar, a Bulldog Terrier mix with an unusual name for a young, energetic girl who loved tennis balls. Throughout our first meeting she rarely stood still but when she did it was always to curl up at the feet of someone in the room.

I loved her immediately.

She left C.A.R.E. as Dagmar, despite the urging of some volunteers, but within a day she had become Rosie.

It took a week or two for Rosie to settle into her new life, during which a large number of chewable objects were lost, but for the past nine months she has been wonderful. She maintains her love of tennis balls, though she has been upgraded to larger, dog designed models, and she is never far off, rarely being in a different room than me and curling up beside me at any given chance.

Rosie also enjoys spending time with me at work, where she has a large, sun-filled window and the adoration of numerous passersby to keep her entertained.

I am very grateful to C.A.R.E for putting the two of us together.