C.A.R.E. Name: Chester

Hello CARE!

When I set out to fill my prescription for an Emotional Support Animal, I couldn't have dreamed of a better match than Frankie. He loves getting spoiled with cuddles and finding a way to snuggle up to me while I'm doing homework. And I love that he is so good at his favorite pastime. He fills that prescription so many times over that there's plenty of doggy love to share with my friends.

It's hard to believe that Frankie's split nose made him wait for 2 months for his forever home, but I am convinced that he was waiting just for me. That heart-shaped nose is part of the charm that makes people run across the street to meet him. Everyone comments on how in sync Frankie and I are. He communicates exceedingly well and even tells me what to do sometimes.

Frankie would not be the dog he is without the fantastic care and activities at CARE. I cannot thank you guys enough for my little boy! After being found on the street days before the polar vortex hit, I adopted a dog that as immediately game for anything. Riding in cars and planes, seeing new people and places don't phase him. He was a little suspicious of men at first, but that went away after only a couple of weeks. Now, he bikes with me in a papoose and does excited wiggles whenever he sees me take out either of his carriers.