C.A.R.E. Name: Bonnie

It sounds cheesy, but I knew Ginny was going to be a part of my family the moment she walked up to me, all wags, with her ‘adopt-me’ vest on. She came home that very week. We love her so incredibly much.

Here's what Ginny has to say. “I have two cats in my life, one is my sister and the other is like a cousin to me. Sometimes they pretend to ignore me, but I know they love me. At first one of them didn't like me very much, but I won him over with patience and charm. Now we even play together. I even have a turtle for a brother, but he keeps to himself. My hobbies include hiking and jogging with my humans, playing ball, working on training and learning new tricks (I'm pretty smart), and running around like a maniac at the dog park. I snort when I'm excited and I snore at night. Oh, and I also love to be a bed hog, but my mom and dad said I can get away with it because I'm cute. They tell me I'm their best friend, and let me tell you that the feeling is mutual. They also call me spoiled because my mom bakes me home-made treats and gets me lots of toys all of the time! I even have grandparents and and an aunt who give me lots of love. They even put up this big tree and put lots of toys and treats under it for me. My parents got me a life vest so we can go do water sports when it gets warm. They tell me I'm the full package and that they will love me no matter what, which is a good thing because I can be stubborn, and I also have some separation anxiety. I get scared and panic when I’m left home alone, but my parents have been working with me a lot and I'm getting more comfortable every day. My life now is a dream come true. Thank you, C.A.R.E., for taking a chance on me and finding me my forever family and home!”

Sonia (and Ginny)