C.A.R.E. Name: Wendy

I wanted to write to you to give you an update on my sweet Meenah. We are celebrating a year together on 11/2/2017.  Our story starts at Follow Your Nose where I met Wendy now Meenah and fell in love at first site. She was sweet and always friendly with Human and Furry alike.  She had already been at Follow Your Nose for several months. I went home one day and talked to my room mate and asked her to go and meet Wendy . I told her how amazing this kitty was,  And …again love at first site.

Still I waited knowing that I had two other older cats and was not sure how they would handle another sister. I waited hoping she would get a good family. Always knowing  that the universe had meant her for me. After several months and a failed adoption; it was time for her to join my little clan…. Best decision ever.

She was shy at first but with time she figured out that this was where she was meant to be. Meenah has brought life and joy into our home. She plays and hunts with her sister. She loves to be pettted and is very vocal when she wants attention.

Truly a blessing to have her. Thank you C.A.R.E for what you do. May you continue to add happiness to these pets in need of a loving family.

Thank you to Raimi at Follow Your Nose for fostering all those kitty cats in need of a forever home.