C.A.R.E. Name: EmmetT

We adopted Jake (shelter name Emmett) quite by a happy accident. We came in to pick up our new addition Sebastian (shelter name Astaire) in October 2007.  That night as we walked into the office, a large orange and white cat was jumping up to see out the window into the waiting area.  His mannerism and size reminded us of our cat Sammy who had just passed away the previous month.  The office staff had brought Jake into the office area to help him socialize.  My husband and I started to play with Jake and after we talked, we decided to bring Jake home with us that night too. The staff let us know that Jake had been left in his carrier outside of the shelter on a warm August day.  At first Jake was hesitant to let us touch him but after much patience Jake has become a loving and affectionate cat.  Eleven years later he is happy and healthy.  Jake loves sitting with us in the evenings on the couch and relaxing in their sun room with his siblings, Sebastian, Callie and now Remy.  We are so happy that we took a chance on Jake that night.

Nanette & Edward