C.A.R.E. Name: Astaire

We adopted Sebastian (shelter name Astaire) in October 2007.  Our cat Sammy had just passed away the previous month and even though we still had two other cats, Max and Callie, our house seemed quiet.  Our great counselor let us know that Sebastian had come to the shelter after a raid at a drug dealers house.  When we were introduced to Sebastian, he walked right up to my husband and climbed into his arms.  Eleven years later, he is still with us. Sebastian suffers from anxiety and has daily medication.  Even with this issue, we would never give him up.  He loves playing catch with his toy mouse and relaxing in our sun room on the cat furniture with his siblings.  When our doorbell rings, he is the first one there to greet visitors.  Halloween is his favorite holiday to greet the kids and sometimes he even lets us dress him in his Halloween costume.

Thank you for connecting us with Sebastian.

Nanette & Edward