C.A.R.E. Name: Scarlett

Hello and Happy Holidays!

My husband and I have been reflecting on what we are grateful for, and I thought it high time to let you all know how grateful we are for our cat, Scarlett. We adopted Scarlett in September 2014, when we had only been married for a few months. I remember picking her out online based on a sort of cat personality profile your volunteers had done. Scarlett was a "personal assistant" cat, and, as a "dog person," that sounded perfect to me. I was used to pets who went where I went. Sure enough, Scarlett fits that profile exactly! She always wants to be where we are, and not just when she's hungry! She is a seriously sweet cat, and loves to greet us at the door when we come home, sit right between us when we wake up in the morning, and curl up right behind us on the back of the couch when we're reading or watching a movie. My husband and I just welcomed our first child into the world, and Scarlett frequently joins in the feeding sessions by curling up on the glider ottoman between my feet or settling herself onto any soft object we happen to have dropped on the floor, and she often keeps vigil with us when the baby is up all night. She loves getting head-rubs, and her most characteristic means of requesting attention is to flop on her side or her back right at your feet.

When we got Scarlett, she was a few pounds overweight, but within a couple years we had helped her get healthy by feeding her only a certain amount of food three times a day. She has stayed at a healthy weight, but does now have the beginnings of kidney disease. So we are feeding her a special diet as prescribed by the vet. She has not had any other health concerns. At about 12 years old, she is still very playful, and capable of jumping a few feet up, though she doesn't tend to try much more than that anymore.


Scarlett is an excellent companion, and we are grateful to have her as part of our family. After we had Scarlett for about a year, we adopted a rescue dog from another Illinois organization. We used the adoption guidance we had received from C.A.R.E. to figure out how best to introduce the two, which was so helpful! Although the two did not get along great at first, there were never any "scary" moments. Three years later, they are just adorable together! They may never cuddle, but they are definitely friends. Scarlett will even come up to our dog, Chloe, and rub her head on Chloe's chin or leg, and Chloe will respond with a few good licks to the face. If we are petting or playing with one, the other immediately gets involved, so that the whole family ends up on the floor together.

Having Scarlett has truly enriched our lives. Although of course she had another family before ours, since we adopted her at age 8, we feel like she belongs with us, and we are blessed to give her a forever home. Thank you for making that possible!

Janelle & Jake