Archie and Bruno

C.A.R.E. Names: Butternut and Fagioli

C.A.R.E. kitties are the best! Here are my two adoptees, Archie and Bruno, playing with their favorite toy.

C.A.R.E. volunteers spend so much time socializing the cats that they have been a wonderful and easy addition to our family. 

Thank you, volunteers!



(C.A.R.E. Name: Roxie)


My husband and I adopted Roxie (she is a brindle Boxer mix) June 2012, and I wanted to send my thanks to you all! She is an absolute joy, and has become our daughter. She loves to cuddle and go on long walks. She recently injured her left "knee," but this has not kept her from being active & loving. I have attached some pictures just so you can see how she is doing...I cannot imagine not having her in my life.

Thank you all for your save lives!


Ruffy and Cici

(C.A.R.E. Names: Ruffian and Secretariat)


I write to give an update on our wonderful cats that we adopted from CARE in July of 2011.  Their shelter names were Ruffian and Secretariat, but we call them "Ruffy" and "Cici."  I'm sending a picture of the sisters in the bathtub (Cici is on the left). I grew up with cats and have never had cats who enjoyed the bath as much as these two! They are always getting in on their own accord, especially when it's all wet after a shower.

They also love relaxing on our radiator covers.  They have a special bond with each other and with us.  Cici also loves to play fetch and carries around her play mouse everywhere.  We are so thankful for having these cats in our life.  They make us smile everyday!  Thank you for all that you do!



(C.A.R.E. Name: Whoopie Pie)


Whoopie Pie came into my life on June 28, 2012, the evening I came back to adopt him at C.A.R.E. I saw Whoopie Pie about one week earlier on the eve of an already scheduled vacation. I learned on my initial visit that Whoopie Pie was a Zucchini’s Gift Cat, a cat whose adoption fee had been subsidized by a donor who wanted to help hard-to-adopt cats become more “adoptable.”

Because Whoopie Pie has the Feline Leukemia Virus, he is highly infectious to other cats, he needed to be in a home without any other cats or with other cats that also have this same virus. He also needed to stay permanently indoors so he doesn’t infect other cats. This made Whoopie Pie a hard to adopt cat even though he is an absolutely beautiful, affectionate one year-old male cat. I also was cautioned that Whoopie very likely would have a shorter life since he got this autoimmune disease as a kitten and when he starts to fail, he likely will go quickly. My vacation helped me to decide that if Whoopie Pie was still at the shelter when I returned home, I would adopt him. I thought we made a good match.
To read the rest of Whoopi's story, please click here.


(C.A.R.E. Name: China)

(Samantha on the left, Shelby on the right)

(Samantha on the left, Shelby on the right)

I just wanted to give a quick update on Shelby (CARE name China).  After week one at her forever home, she is getting along great with her older sister Samantha and has been a great addition to our family.  Shelby is very well mannered, smart, extremely affectionate and loves to play A LOT, which is just fine with Sam.  Thanks again to the staff at CARE for taking such great care of Shelby until she was ready for adoption.

Ron & Val



(C.A.R.E. Name: Nina Simone)


We adopted our beautiful Standard Poodle, Cleopatra, almost 9 years ago now, when she was about 1 yr. old. She is one of the greatest joys of our life; loving & sweet, smart and loyal.
She still runs like the wind in our back yard, loves to go for walks; which we do every day. Has a lot of puppy left in her. She can identify and retrieve all of her toys, of which there are too many to recount here.
She is our 3rd 'daughter' and she too has made us proud parents. She goes everywhere with us; on vacation, for rides; sleeps in the bed. We won't board her, so that probably limits our travel, but it's ok with us, as we wouldn't ever want to be without her.
Just thought you might like to hear of the life we've given her and the constant smiles she has brought to us. She was formerly known as Nina Simone, at C.A.R.E., but now, truly Cleopatra(sometimes Cleo, Cle).
She has given us our forever home :)
Chuck & Marlen


(C.A.R.E. Name: Lucy)


I'm writing to give an update on Locy, formerly known as Lucy, a pit mix that I adopted on May 23rd, 2011.  I had visited Locy in the shelter twice, even though I knew after our first meeting that she was the girl for me.  Everyone at the shelter warned me that she was very shy and "not at all a people person," but as soon as she came hope with me she really opened up.  Locy comes to work with me at least a few times a week and loves to curl up and take naps underneath my desk on an old sleeping bag. 

With weekly doggie playdates, meals cooked from scratch, and a futon to call all her own, no doubt her current life is a real step up compared to life on the streets of Evanston.  As a geologist, I go out of town fairly frequently and Locy is always in tow for these exciting adventures.  Recently we took 2 road trips out west and Locy and I climbed Mt Grays, one of the 14,000+ft peaks in Colorado.  The companionship and loyalty that she has added to my life is both indescribable and unquantifiable - she is just simply fantastic!  I can't thank the folks at C.A.R.E. enough for the wonderful work that they do, keep it up!

I've attached some pictures of our recent adventures in Colorado.



(C.A.R.E. Name: Jabba)


When our family was looking for a dog, we wanted a laid back dog who didn’t bark, was pre-trained and was not high maintenance since we would usually be gone most of the day. Everybody thought we were nuts when we told them our expectations. When we came to the shelter as a family to look for a dog back on a chilly day in November, they said they only had one dog that seemed right for our family. All four of us thought this was going to be a waste of time. But boy, were we wrong! We instantly fell in love with “Jabba.” He would jump around for a few minutes and then come up to you and nudge you to get you to snuggle with him  and pet him. We decided to get him. He loves belly rubs, snuggling, treats and taking naps with you. We have had a great time with him ever since that day back in November 2009. Not one minute have we regretted getting him.

The Grimsted Family


(C.A.R.E. Name: Nanook)


We adopted Nanook in September of 2008 after meeting him at CARE in Evanston.  He is a wonderful, handsome and easygoing dog who eagerly looks forward to daily walks.  He has also learned to “fetch” a ball, which we think is unusual for a Siberian Husky!    Thank you for bringing us together with such a treasured part of our family.  We feel lucky to have him.



(C.A.R.E. Name: Ralph)


We adopted Super-Dog from C.A.R.E.

It's true.  Super-Dog. 

We have never had a shelter dog before.  We have had power breeds and challenging, yet incredible dogs, before.  After our last, beautiful, Rhodesian Ridgeback passed away way too young, and taking some time off for grieving, we decided to adopt a shelter dog.  As soon as Brigh, formerly known as Ralph, saw us he chose us; he looked at us and said, “We are family.”  He didn't sing it like Sly, but he looked gently into our eyes, held his gaze and we knew what he meant. 


Why Super-Dog?  What dog can spend the first year of his life on the street, the second year in a shelter, never have a home and family, then move in to our home and behave like an angel?  Super-Dog can.  What dog can live his life without the rules of a home, nice furniture, newly refinished floors and plenty of things to chew, and then treat his new space with love and respect like a well trained disciple of Cesar Milan?  Super-Dog can.  No barking, shredding, chewing, marking or destroying. He moved in, decided this was his home, and treated it like he belonged.

Brigh the Super-Dog is an all black mix of Pitbull and Labrador with gentle eyes, a guarded heart and yet a loving disposition.  He gave us his heart and love from the beginning, so we took him in to our own hearts.  His inky black coat and Pitbull eyes and ears probably kept him from being adopted for a long time, but to us he is a beautiful boy who represents his Celtic name, “Brigh”, by carrying himself everyday with the strength and nobility that the name means.


What else does Super-Dog do?  He treats little kids gently, restraining his powerful super-powers.  He goes for long runs with me, and constantly looks back with a big Pit smile that says, “this is awesome!” He dives into the lake and strokes those webbed Lab toes with the power of an Olympian, and smiles again.  He treats other dogs on the street like long lost friends.  He has taken trips to Iowa, Wisconsin and Michigan, and stayed in family homes, as well as B&B's and hotels, and treated everyplace with love and grace, and no barking.  What a dog!

He certainly is super to us.  His beginnings might have been incredibly challenging, but it doesn't show now.  There were several other super dogs at C.A.R.E.  in Evanston, but Brigh chose us.  If you need a Super-Dog to complete your family go take a look and he or she will pick you.



(C.A.R.E. Name: Curtis)


Hello C.A.R.E.,

I have thought about you so many times in the last several years. I'm very happy that I finally tracked you down on the Internet so that I can share a story about one of your former guests.

Back in early 1992, you had a young red tabby visitor who went by the name of Curtis. He came to you once, was adopted by a family, and then was brought back to C.A.R.E. in March. At that time, I was a graduate student and missed feline companionship, so I headed out to you in April and fell in love with this orange boy the minute I saw that his cage had been marked with a Post-It that read, "Super Nice!"

It is about the truest thing anyone has ever said about a cat. I took him home, renamed him Zucchini, and gave him space to jump, run, and watch the birds in my Chicago courtyard. Within a few days, Zucchini had settled in and became the social center of attention of every gathering. Zucchini adores people, loves rubbing up against them, watching them, playing with them, and most of all, washing their hair.

Today, nearly 19 years later, he has slowed down just a bit--only just. He still loves to play with his catnip toys and to walk out on the deck of the house where we now live in New York. He also still loves to bathe visitors, especially ones with short hair.

Thank you, C.A.R.E. for taking a chance on Zucchini/Curtis (twice) and for keeping my super nice companion healthy for me until I arrived.

All my best,

Daisley and Moze

(C.A.R.E. Names: Callie and Little Panther)


In April of 2008 we adopted the tortie in this picture, Daisley (you had named her Callie).  And this past summer, we adopted Moze (then known as Little Panther).
As you can see, they are very happy with each other.  Daisley has become a very good big sister - teaching Moze everything he needs to know - included how to play in the bathtub, how to wrestle, when to leave their older sister alone.  And Moze has learned most every lesson exceedingly well - the only thing he hasn't learned is how not to steal Daisley's food.  :-)

Thank you CARE for taking care of our kitties until we could find them.

Paul and Rebekah 

Eastwood and Isabella

(C.A.R.E. Names: Haley and Oscar)



This year, my two new cats, Woody and Bella (brother and sister twins), begged to put together a holiday greeting for you (download).  So what the hey; since I've willingly relinquished control of my household to them, why not let them tell you about their first few days in their new dwelling?

A couple of things they asked me to tell you:

1. POOTAC stands for "Proud Owner Of Two Adorable Cats."  While I do agree with the "Adorable" descriptive, I'm not sure "Owner" well describes my function—it's more like "Personal Assistant."   But they liked the sound of the acronym; I am powerless to do anything about it.

2. For reasons of economy of size, Bella and Woody decided not to present their story in the traditional format.  You will experience the wisdom of their decision when you open the card.  They do hope, however, that you will take a break from the holiday rush and sing through their song "the right way."

Have a happy…

P.S. Some have suggested that I have too much time on my hands.  I believe I don't have enough...

Shiloh Ray

(C.A.R.E. Name: Buster)


This update has been long overdue but never too late. My mom and I have adopted many animals from CARE through out many years and they have brought nothing but joy to our hearts.  All of them have been precious to us but our most precious gift from CARE is our Shiloh Ray that we adopted back in 1997.  In 1997, he was approximately three years old, severely underweight and had either been beaten or attacked by another dog to the point where he lost his eye.  He sat for months in the shelter cage with no luck of adoption and throughout that time my mom fell in love & we put in for foster parents. Unfortunately, we never really made good foster parents because once he came home we knew he was never leaving. It is now 2010 and Shiloh Ray is approximately 17 years old and still melting our hearts everyday.


He has survived his many brothers and keeps his now 4 year old sister in line.  Shiloh Ray has a heart of gold and the spirit of a 6 month old puppy, if it were not for his arthritis I do not know if anyone would tell that he has surpassed a Lab/Shepherds life.

My mom and I just wanted to send you are many thanks for all of our animals and our superstar Shiloh Ray. It was until this year that he attended every Strut for Strays but unfortunately his legs can not keep up with his spirit. Shiloh wants you to know that he is very grateful for you rescuing him and giving him the life he would of never had.

Carla  & Shiloh Ray


(C.A.R.E. Name: Redford)


I adopted Lou in the summer of 2002 from the CARE shelter in Evanston.  He’s 8 years old now and still as feisty and full of personality and funny quirks as the day I brought him home.  He has been my best friend, and we’ve been through several jobs, homes and other life changes together.  One thing I can always count on is his big grin and his tail wagging when I walk in the door.  Lou welcomed my husband a couple years ago, but he first made sure that he passed inspection.  Now, my husband and I are having our first baby, and I know Lou will make the best big brother!

Grateful for what you do,

Kara, proud owner and friend of “Feisty Lou”


(C.A.R.E. Name: Enzio)


This past week mark's Mario's one year anniversary for his Adoption Day, April 20, 2009.  His adoption followed a tragic and untimely loss of my cat, Monty.  He and my dog, Phoebe, had developed an amazing relationship.  It was always a battle of the wits between the two of them.  I knew Phoebe missed him as well as the company and stimulation he provided.  I didn't realize how much she had been grieving until she laid eyes on Mario for the first time.  The dog began to weep with joy.  At first Mario startled, then he approached the dog and they touched noses through the baby gate.  The rest has been history.  He has brought so much joy to my home, to me and to my dog.  I have my moments when I truly feel Monty handpicked this fellow for us.

Mary Ann 


Remy’s High-Tech Love Story

Remy receives his Dog Obedience Group Diploma!

Remy receives his Dog Obedience Group Diploma!

by Volunteer Janice Cha

An intercepted email, a YouTube video and a face-to-face meeting led long-time kennel favorite Remy to his forever home with Jeremy Garchow and Alyssa Scrofani.

Remy, a distinctive 60-lb. chocolate-brown pit mix who’d lived at the shelter for nearly a year, got his lucky break when Garchow noticed a note on his email list-serv group suggesting a mutual friend acquire a dog for safety. Another friend on the list—C.A.R.E. volunteer Nicole Vernet—shared links to C.A.R.E.’s video clips of available dogs, including Remy.

“We’d been talking about getting a dog in theory some day, but hadn’t decided on a breed,” recalls Garchow. “I have friends with pit-mixes, so had been looking at pit bulls all day on the internet– breeders, background, what it’s like to have one...”

When Garchow clicked on the C.A.R.E. Web link to Remy’s video, he was instantly hooked. “Remy was sitting in the visiting room looking around,” Garchow says. “His tail was going a million miles an hour. He was excited, but not overexcited—his face had an alert ‘what’s next?’ expression. He looked like he wanted to hang out and do well.”

Scrofani, who had envisioned adopting a smaller dog, was dubious at first. “I thought we could at least go and meet Remy. But when we got home that night [from visiting him at the shelter], I missed him,” she says. “Remy had the right personality for us and would be the perfect dog for Jeremy.”

The next day they returned to C.A.R.E. and brought Remy home. Remy’s life now is a considerable step up from his shelter days. He spends most of his daytime hours with Garchow, who works within walking distance of their Chicago home in a three-person office. In the evenings and on weekends Remy lounges on the sofa, goes on walks with the couple, and even on the occasional road trip. Remy is also continuing the Monday night obedience classes he attended so many times with C.A.R.E. volunteers. At night he sleeps on a soft dog bed next to his people.

The muscular dog with the unique ears has found his forever home.


(C.A.R.E. Name: Twinkle)


Greetings to C.A.R.E!

Twinkle aka Precious is doing wonderful. She is our little girl, and is warming up wonderfully to both of us.


We adopted Precious on October 5, 2008 after waiting a week before we could adopt our little baby. I was missing her a lot during that week, and thankfully she was there waiting for us after that long week. She is eating well. I had her Ultra Mix cat food but she just didnt like it too much, so we changed her food to good life recipe and she is loving that a lot better.

Precious also loves to sit in my lap as we watch television, and loves to get her fur brushed. I do it on a daily basis, and she loves it so much when her mommy brushes her.

It took Precious a couple days to warm up to both of us, she would hide underneath our green chair by the window. I would always have to go there and call her to come out for her feeding!  As the days went by, I would just have to call her name and she would come running to me.

She is doing very well, and is very happy. Her first vet visit with us is in November. She is a joy and we love our little princess dearly! 

Lana and Minx

(C.A.R.E. Names: Lana and Minx)


Hi. I'm writing to let you know how Lana and Minx are doing since we finalized their adoption in the beginning of March. They're both settling in well. Minx often makes us laugh, dashing around with kitty crazies. She's turned out to be a real attention seeker. Her favorite place to sleep is on top of a person. Lana is a bit more subdued. She'll jump up on the couch and curl up next to me, just settling in for a snooze, without making much fuss.

They're still feeling their way a bit with our older cat, Silly (adopted from CARE in 1993, CARE name Sweetie). Silly's a bit cranky about keeping her space her own, especially since she's not well. She has squamous cell carcinoma and some arthritis. We've removed the worst of the cancer lesions, and are treating the arthritis, so she's pretty comfortable most of the time. Minx would like to be her friend, but she's learning that friendship has about a 2-foot boundary right now.

Lana gets along especially well with our dog, Rhett (aka the wonder beagle). He's an older boy who mainly likes his naps. Lana will occasionally nap alongside him.

Thanks for bringing these two wonderful girls into our lives.

Beautiful Joe

(C.A.R.E. Name: Beautiful Joe)


We are very happy to share these photos of Joseph with CARE! He is doing really well and is a happy, settled dog who loves to take long walks, play chase and catch, and spend many nights sleeping in our bed with his head on a pillow!  He has an older brother named Milo, and a new younger sister named Leila with whom he is quickly learning to get along. Joseph is one of the sweetest dogs we've ever known and we feel truly blessed to have him as part of our family.

Thank you to CARE for taking those important first steps and helping him through such a difficult start in his life.

The Garcia Family