(C.A.R.E. Name: Half Blaze)


I described Jarl has blazing through my life like a bolt of lightning...fast, furious, bright.  Jarl had quite the life packed into a small amount of time.  He started out a refugee from an animal hoarder, spent several months in the shelter before a short stint on a trial adoption before coming to my home.  I was looking for a companion to another young cat of mine, Fafnir.  On paper, Jarl seemed to fit the bill.  And he and Fafnir did become great buddies; sumo wrestling, belly bumping, chasing and grooming.  My other guys would have preferred Jarl and Fafnir resided in someone else's home, but it did all work out.

I have never seen a cat that exuded more joy than Jarl.  In retrospect, it seemed that he knew on some level that he was not going to be on this earth long and he had a living to pack in quickly.  He missed nothing.  He ran (sometimes for hours at a time), gleefully from one end of our home to the other, up and down the cat tree.  He'd fling himself onto me, dramatically rolling around until I cuddled him like a baby.  Mornings with Jarl were crazy.  If I thought he was energetic the rest of the day, it was nothing compared to that morning mania.  Nothing was safe.  There were things to be knocked onto the floor, furniture to jump on, a mommy to groom, 3 sleepy cats to chase, toys to play with, food to eat and it was best to do it all RIGHT NOW!!!!  And during the 6 months I was honored to share with him, there was hardly a day that didn't include some really funny thing this little spirit had done. 

Sadly, a couple months before what would have been his second birthday, Jarl was diagnosed with renal lymphoma.  There was really nothing much to be done, his type of lymphoma is generally not responsive to chemo, so it was all about making his last days as comfortable as possible.  He still maintained his love of life right up until the end.  The interest in play and loving never went away, though the energy to partake was no longer there.

I am grateful to have known and loved this little guy.  I'd do it all again, even knowing the outcome.  I miss you Jarl!

The picture is of Jarl and Fafnir, the tuxedo terrors!