(C.A.R.E. Name: Cinnamon)


I was looking for a female cat as a companion of my male cat, Jimmy a 8 y/old calico. I looked for days through the internet without success. One day, I entered C.A.R.E’s website and I saw Cinnamon, a Maine Coon mix female and immediately fall in love with her cute little face. I forwarded her picture to my husband and told him I found her. That same day we went to C.A.R.E to see if Cinnamon was still available and indeed she was.

The first thing we were told was that she only could see through one eye which we didn't care. During the entire application/ interview she was between my legs just looking for my attention. That was how I knew she will be my princess. We adopted her in January of 2003, she was around 4-5 y/old and we kept her name since it was perfect due to the color of her coat.

Last Monday, after 7 wonderful years, we had to put her to sleep (heart failure). Sad day for our family. Especially for me since she was my little girl. She was the best cat and loved her peculiar meow-kind of sound (we are not sure if she knew how to meow or she was mute).  Here some pictures of when we will go to the pet salon for a 'lion cut'. She was so happy afterwards, it kept her cooler in the summer. We definitely miss her (and Jimmy too)!