(C.A.R.E. Name: Cleo's Kitten)


Way back in the summer of 1993 I adopted a tabby kitten from CARE. I went back a few weeks later, looking for a playmate and companion for the newly renamed Granny. I was introduced to a playful and loud little Siamese kitten known simply as "Cleo's Kitten." He was a tiny guy who had the softest fur and beautiful milky blue eyes. He wasted no time rubbing his body against my legs, jumping into my lap, and looking at me as though saying "what are you waiting for?" He chose me, and that was the day he was named Furball and became part of our family.

Furball and Granny became best of friends and shared sixteen wonderful years together until Granny passed on. Furball missed her, but he continued to provide plenty of love and companionship to me. We had our daily routines, but the one that always made me smile was how he always walked in and sat at my feet when I got out of the shower to dry off. I think he felt it was his duty to watch over and protect me while I was at my most vulnerable! He'd also lay on my chest when I went to sleep every night and greet me with a headbutt when I woke up in the morning.

Yesterday I had to say goodbye to Furball. Old age had taken its toll and he was declining quickly. Saying farewell my constant companion of almost twenty years was difficult but the thought of him joyfully playing again with his old pal Granny does bring a smile to my face. I want to thank CARE for bringing both of these wonderful cats into my life. Furball, you were my little buddy and I'll never forget you. Thanks for the years of love and joy that you gave to me. That's a priceless gift that I can never repay.