(C.A.R.E. Name: Lyla)


With deep sadness we want you to know that our beloved dog Lyla passed peacefully at sunset, on Saturday, January 19, 2013. We are full of grief over the loss of Lyla, and grateful we had as much time as we did to enjoy her beauty, wonderful spirit and personality.

Lyla was diagnosed with cancer in her abdomen a week before, which progressed very rapidly and was not treatable. However, the cancer did not stop Lyla from doing things she loved to do: be very affectionate and loving, going for short walks, trying to hunt every creature that moved around her, greeting whomever came to the door with her protective "attack mode", and getting outraged at other dogs who dared to walk the streets of our neighborhood.

Here is how Lyla entered our life: on Friday, October 18, 2002, Lyla, a 6 months old beautiful mutt, was brought in to the animal shelter by a family from Skokie, and taken in by James Cha.  The next day Zahava arrived to the shelter for her voluneer shift, saw Lyla who was very meek and timid, and immediately fell in love with her. Marc went to meet Lyla that same week, was also smitten with her, and after the spaying surgery and other necessary medical treatment, we brought her home to live with us.


She took us on a journey for 11 years that we cherished. Anyone that has experienced the first 30 seconds of greeting her at our house knows why we referred to her lovingly as Jaclyn and Heidi; after her boisterous greeting she would promptly be in or near your lap, expect you to pet her and you had become one of her inner circle of friends forever. Happily we have many fond memories and poignant stories to remember her by.

For all of you who knew Lyla, thank you for your love and affection during her life, and thank you all for your help, support, advice, kind words, thoughts and prayers in her final week.

Marc and Zahava