(C.A.R.E. Name: Ashley)

We adopted Ashley from CARE on February 6th, 2000. We had never had a pet.  I was nervous around animals, but I wanted my children to have a cat, so I put on a brave face and took the plunge.  I had not idea what I was getting into.  I thought we were doing a kindness to a homeless cat, and maybe it would teach my kids something.  Was I ever wrong!!!!  She shyly crept into our home and hearts- it was Ashley who gave us a lesson on love, patience, kindness, compassion. This little grey being, taught her human family so much, that we can only be forever grateful to our precious little Ashley. She made us more human, she enhanced our lives in many ways... 

She was my children's anchor during their turbulent teen years. She was so patient when she suffered with Diabetes for six years (a common illness for Russian-Blue cats). Every day, Ashley needed two shots of insulin each day, which she patiently took. She was always thirsty, so we kept glasses and bowls of water all over the house for her.

Words cannot fully express the love and joy that a small furry grey cat brought into our lives for twelve years, but she touched and moved and changed each and every member of our family, in ways we could not have imagined...

On April 10th, 2012, our precious little Ashley left this world for eternity...

My sister painted a picture of Ashley for my son's birthday, with a poem:

In Memoriam: Ashley Shamsi February 6th 2000- April 10th 2012

Navigating the passage of Childhood,
Bumps and bruises, fog and haze,
Carefree summers, magical winters,
You helped me through the difficult days.

I was a boy, and you were my solace,
My sweet haven, my refuge, my balm.
When all around threatened to engulf me,
You were my serenity, my calm.

I grew up, and you grew old;
I took my place in the wider sphere,
New horizons, friends and college,
But at home- I'd always find you there.

I was a boy, but now I'm a man,
I acknowledge a fact so true:
My childhood days were somehow sweeter,
Because of the gentle presence of you...