(C.A.R.E. Name: Candy)


We lost our dear Candy girl on December 19, 2013. She had a huge tumor in her spleen and on her side. The vets all said it was time. I was with my sweet girl as she crossed. She looked at me with those expressive eyes one last time and I knew she understood it had to be.

I never planned on keeping her when I took her to cool off that hot summer. It was before the kennel was air conditioned.  I was just taking her for a few nights. Honest. She moved into our hearts and house and we never had a regret.  

She came to us from CARE in 2001. Poor thing had a rough start but she grew from a leggy baby to one pretty big baby girl. She barked at the cat every day but mourned for her when she passed. She respected it when we put up a gate but we later found out she knew how to open them. We often wondered what other talents she was hiding.

Mornings were not complete without a cold wet nose to the middle of my back while I was still in bed.  She knew what she wanted and how to get it. Her size alone would unnerve people but that dog was a marshmallow. Her goofy smile and prancing welcome are missed every time I walk in the door.

She was the best taste tester for Barkers Dozen Biscuits. If I tried a new recipe, it was her approval that I sought. Four paws up and those biscuits were on the menu.

She was a once in a lifetime friend.