C.A.R.E. Name: Robbie


Taz was known to C.A.R.E. as Robbie.  He was adopted when he was approximately five months old.  Taz was full of energy and occasional bad intentions. While he was a challenge (drinking our coffee, pulling the toilet paper off the roll and through the house, opening closets and taking everything out), he was a communicator and entertainer. We soon found that agility was an excellent outlet for his energy and created focus.  He quickly excelled at the sport and we had a lot of fun going to classes and fun runs. 

Taz soon became an extremely responsive dog.  He always wanted to be involved with some work activity and waited for directions to perform tricks (he had many), catch a Frisbee, chase a ball or complete jumps, weaves, etc.  We waited for Taz to slow down, 2 years, 4 years, 8 years and on.  He didn’t.  As he passed 10 years of age Dr. Hagedorn (Bramer Animal Hospital) noted that he wasn't slowing down and said he was "a puppy between the ears".

On April 13, 2014, Taz was demonstrating his normal high energy, running figure 8’s and jumping sky high when I got home from errands.  This was the typical celebration we received every time we came home.  However, about an hour later, Taz went into his crate and stayed there for hours.  It became obvious that something was wrong.  The next day, he went to the vet and we found out he had cancer and he had very little time left.  On the 15th, we let him go.  Our home is empty without him.

Taz had so much personality that he made us laugh every day. We were very fortunate to share 12 years with him.  We thank to volunteers at C.A.R.E. for giving us the opportunity to enjoy each and every day.  Taz would not have survived a shelter without volunteers.  He would have quickly become crate crazy without your support and he required work just to prepare him for adoption.  We thank you for giving us the best years of our lives.