When I came to C.A.R.E. on October 18th 2008, Pauline suggested that I meet a cat named Snow, and we fell in love at first sight.  She immediately came and gave my stomach a full-faced nuzzle, and won me over completely.  I had absolutely no idea how much this soft ball of love and personality was going to change my life. 

Honey has been my constant companion through the ups and downs of the past 9 years.  Loving, attentive, and endearingly willful, her presence in my life has truly enriched me. Together, we spent 6 years in Chicago, holidays in Boston, 2 years in England, and this past year in Tallahassee.  It’s hard to imagine my next steps without her.

My beloved Honey passed away on August 21st, 2017, just one week after we learned that she had several advanced cancers.  She was 17.  While her loss leaves a gaping hole in my home, she continues to fill my heart and my thoughts with joyful memories.  I am so grateful to you at C.A.R.E., and especially to Pauline, who helped me learn how to take care of my new friend back in 2008. She truly made the perfect match for us.