C.A.R.E. Board of Directors

The C.A.R.E. Board of Directors includes professionals from across the North Shore with diverse backgrounds, talents, and areas of expertise.

Asher Beederman.jpg

Asher Beederman

Asher Beederman has volunteered with C.A.R.E. more than 20 years. Asher’s personal goal is to help keep our new Adoption Center up and running and saving animals for years to come. Asher, a real estate attorney by profession, is a long-time Skokie resident.

Heather Brown square.JPG

Heather Brown

Heather is focused on the big picture for C.A.R.E., including organization-wide process improvement, strategic planning, ongoing board development and improvement, fundraising expansion and securing grants. A physician with a specialty in Pathology, Heather lives in Evanston with a son and five rescue animals: a dog, three cats, and a dwarf hamster. In her free time Heather is an amateur soap maker.


Courtney Cabin square.JPG

Courtney Cabin

Courtney leads a C.A.R.E. cat shift and serves as a Cat Adoption Counselor. On the board, Courtney focuses on streamlining operating procedures, volunteer training and development, and fundraising. By day, Courtney serves as a Business Analyst at C.H. Robinson International with 15+ years’ experience in logistics and operating procedures. When she’s not at C.A.R.E, Courtney enjoys rowing and competing with her teammates on Chicago Rowing Union, running and exploring all that Chicago and the North Shore have to offer.

Barb Carlson square.JPG

Barb Carlson

Barb leads a cat shift and is a stalwart on C.A.R.E.‘s Fundraising Events Committee. Her areas of focus on the board include expanding fundraising efforts and developing professional relationships throughout the community. Barb also manages cat intake from Chicago Animal Care and Control, coordinates outreach adoption events, and is an admin for C.A.R.E.’s Facebook page. Prior to becoming active with C.A.R.E., Barb served as Marketing Manager for Tootsie Roll and other consumer packaged goods companies.

Janice Cha

Janice oversees C.A.R.E.’s marketing and public relations. Janice also serves on C.A.R.E.‘s Fundraising Events Committee, Grant Committee, and Grounds Committee; is an admin for C.A.R.E.’s Facebook page & volunteer website; writes and edits the PawPrints newsletter; and helps care for dogs during a weekly kennel shift. Janice is a Senior Contributing Editor for Foodservice Equipment Reports magazine. When not at the Adoption Center, Janice can most likely be found running the state’s largest square dance club, looking after her various pets, or tending her garden.

Rose Galloway square.JPG

Rose Galloway

Rose is a C.A.R.E. cat shift leader with board focus on strategic planning, operational organization and training, and community outreach. Rose, who has logged almost 30 years experience as an information technology management professional, currently serves as Director of Application Management at the Gateway Foundation. Rose lives with three feline C.A.R.E. alums, is obsessed with watching British murder mysteries and loves to explore new restaurants in the city.

Jennifer Guth square.JPG

Jennifer Guth

Jennifer leads a C.A.R.E. dog shift and serves as C.A.R.E.’s community liaison and social media admin. Jennifer focuses on community outreach for C.A.R.E. Jennifer is Manager of Advertising and Membership at Chicago’s North Shore Convention and Visitors Bureau with more than 15 years of sales, advertising, and social media experience. Jennifer lives in Morton Grove with her husband, two active teenagers and C.A.R.E pup Tucker. When Jennifer is not at C.A.R.E., you will find her in her garden or on a hiking trail.

Erin Mays3.JPG

Erin Mays

Erin is a C.A.R.E. dog shift team member who contributes to C.A.R.E.’s inter-volunteer communications efforts and is helping update C.A.R.E.’s policies and procedures. Erin’s focus for C.A.R.E. includes strategic planning, fundraising and donor retention, and volunteer development. Erin, who currently serves as Senior Digital Product Manager at Pampered Chef, holds an MBA with 15+ years of experience in marketing, software product development, and business strategy. Erin lives in Skokie with her wife, two teenage daughters, two dogs and a cat. When Erin is not at C.A.R.E you will find her on a hockey rink.

Adam Peitz square.JPG

Adam Peitz

Adam serves as C.A.R.E. dog shift team leader and Dog Adoption Counselor. His areas of focus on the C.A.R.E. board includes volunteer database coordination, creation of additional databases for communication and organization purposes, and overseeing volunteer management program Volgistics. By day Adam works as a software developer, tester and deployment specialist, and by night (and indeed around the clock), Adam and his wife Tara serve as new parents to baby Gloria.

Allan Spear May 2019.jpg

Allan Spear

Allan focuses on budgeting, finance, and fundraising for C.A.R.E. Allan works as head of Support at Genius Sports and has logged 25 years’ experience in statistics, analytics, and management. When not volunteering at C.A.R.E.. Allan works as a sports statistician for the NCAA, Major League Baseball and the NBA. He has a business degree from Penn State and an MBA from Missouri State.  He lives in Evanston with two adorable rescue dogs, Presto and Bryzzo.